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An Innovative Automated U.S. Provisional Patent Application Generator Provided as a courtesy by Chhabra Law Firm, PC.

Your Confidentiality Is Guaranteed!

Read our story to learn why this system is absolutely free and how we safeguard your information.

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How it works

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Step 1:

Product/Idea Information

Our unique and innovative system guides you in an intuitive step-by-step manner, guiding you with the "dos and don'ts", and navigating you through the common pitfalls when writing your application.

Based on the subject matter of your invention, the system automatically adds the required legal jargon using automated tools.

Your information is automatically saved at our servers periodically, you can log in/out anytime, and resume work on your application at your convenience using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

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Step 2: (Optional Services)

100% free should mean absolutely free, right? We agree!

Although, you have the option of selecting our paid services using this free system, there is absolutely no requirement to do so. Since this system assists you in doing majority of the work by yourself, go to any attorney of your choice to save $$ on legal fees by reducing their billable time.

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Step 3:

Automated Document Generation

Once you are satisfied with the provisional application for your product or idea, the system generates the application, formats the drawings, and completes all government forms on your behalf.

The system automatically implements the procedural requirements of US patent laws so that you do not need to worry about them.

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Step 4:

Prepare For Filing!

The system provides you instructions on how to electronically file your application by yourself.

Thereafter, to protect your information and confidentiality, all substantive information (including inventor name, email, phone, etc.) is automatically deleted by the system after you generate the documents.

The Patent Office sends you an official filing receipt via postal mail within 2 weeks of filing, giving you the right to claim "patent pending" on your product or idea.

Mini disclaimer: Filing a patent application without seeking the services of a professional of your choice can result in an insufficient or unsatisfactory filing.


A provisional application only protects your idea if a subsequent non-provisional application is filed within 1 year of the provisional filing. You should therefore seek the services of a professional of your choice for the non-provisional filing within 1 year of filing a provisional application.


The key highlights of this system include:

  • Ease of use: Simply answer a few basic questions about your invention, and the system takes care of the rest. No need to worry about the legalese. The basic minimum legal jargon required to protect your innovative rights are automatically added.

  • Compliance With Patent Laws: The system automatically navigates through the cumbersome and tedious procedural aspects of patent law. The Application and Drawings are automatically formatted according to patent law requirements discussed in the Manual of Patent Examination and Procedure (MPEP), and all required government paperwork is automatically generated on your behalf.

  • Automatic save function: We understand you will need time to think and provide the required information. For your convenience our system periodically auto-saves your information on the server. Leave any-time and pickup from where you left when you are ready.

  • Minimum Word Requirement: Needless to say, your provisional application is only as good enough as the information you provide. If you do not provide enough information, your provisional application is nothing more than a worthless document that was filed with the USPTO. Therefore, in order to ensure that a meaningful and useful provisional application can be generated, the system enforces a minimum word requirement for each question it presents you.

  • Optional Reference Number Generator: The system can optionally automatically generate reference numbers you used in the figures and incorporate them for you when you explain the figures in detail.



Rohit Chhabra is a U.S. based patent attorney with a bachelors and masters in computer science. Being in the legal business, he realizes that the services of a patent attorney can be cost prohibitive for a solo-inventor and small business. Thus, he wanted to provide an alternative service that can effectively assist an inventor in an affordable way. This application generator is novel in a few ways:

  • It is easy and intuitive to use.
  • It guides the inventor in a step-by-step manner, to assist you to describe all aspects of your product or idea.
  • It automatically generates all the documents required to file a provisional application related to your product or idea.
  • It ensures documents are in compliance with US patent laws.
  • Best of all, it is absolutely free.

How can this system benefit you?
We ultimately want users to utilize this system as an educational tool and help inventors in making their dream come true. We want to help inventors learn the basics of how to effectively draft a provisional application. For instance, a common mistake made by inventors is that they do not realize a 1-2 page invention disclosure is not enough to obtain a patent on an idea or product. While it is strongly recommended that inventors seek additional services from a licensed professional of their choice, this system helps inventors do the "heavy lifting" themselves which can significantly reduce legal fees. We hope you find this system useful.

Is there a catch?
Absolutely not. Unless you avail our services, no one at the firm will look at your confidential information since we do not intend to form an attorney-client relationship with you simply because you used this free system. Furthermore, to prevent any inadvertent disclosure of your confidential information, the system is programmed to automatically delete all substantial information about your invention, along with inventor names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., once you generate your patent application documents. Please read the terms and conditions of use to learn more about our good faith measures to protect your confidentiality. We also promise you that unless you reach out to seek our services, no one from the firm will ever contact you for any purpose, whatsoever. So yeah, no catch. Only free stuff along with our best wishes.