Law Firm Licensing

Licenses For Law Firms

We invite law firms can take advantage of this system to increase productivity, lower overhead, and implement firm-wide standardization. We offer law firms the flexibility to locally install this software on their internal (intranet) servers or their cloud based server. The professional version of this software, designed specifically for law firms, includes advanced features like:
  1. Simplified Input: Since attorneys are well versed with patent laws, the professional version has no word limit requirement and presents simplified screens for faster input.

  2. Claims Generation Tool: Generate unlimited provisional and non-provisional applications with ability to add claims with auto-preamble generation feature.

  3. Promote Standardization: Ability to create and add your own standardized boilerplate text that will automatically be added on every application generated by the system to promote firm wide standardization.

  4. Optional Local Installation: Install the system binaries locally on your server or on the cloud. We suggest installing this system on a local server available only through your firm's intranet/VPN to maintain confidentiality and control.

  5. No Files on Local Desktops/ Laptops, Ever: Protect and safeguard client invention information by avoiding the unintended consequences of theft or misuse of individual firm computers. Since all data inputted in the system is stored in a database accessible through the server, therefore, no data needs to be stored on each individual attorneys laptop or desktop.

  6. Flexible Data Retention Policy: Determine what happens to the data stored in the server after generation of the documents.

  7. Seamless Integration With Your Existing Network: This system can automatically create directories and files and store generated documents on your existing (local or cloud based) file server for your and your client's records. The system can also send the generated documents to the client for their review.

  8. Fully Customized (Enterprise Edition): A fully customized wizard specifically designed for your law firm. You choose the format of the input form and the actions that will be taken based on each input.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.